In collaboration with most of Denmarks municipalities, we have developed an electronic construction file archive – WebLager®. The system has been developed as desired and in close dialogue with construction caseworkers and other stakeholders in the municipalities around the country. It helps to ensure a relevant and usable surface for managing and using the archive in everyday life.

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What WebLager® contains

Own hosting

In addition, WebLager® is located on our systems. This means that it is always easily accessible via lightning-fast fiber network from our server park. With it, we ensure redundant backups of all data. We work according to the latest information security standards to protect the access and validity of data as much as possible. It also means that you don’t have to take care of the complex infrastructure behind the large amounts of data that an archive constitutes. In addition, the municipality itself can control and administer access to the archive for both citizens and employees.

Own control over access to the archive

the municipality can control and manage access to the archive for both citizens and employees.

Scan and upload even more construction files

It is possible to scan and upload several construction cases to WebLager® yourself, and we will do all the finishing automatically. That is, it fixes, cleans and makes the files look professional.

Integration with borger.dk

WebLager® has integration with borger.dk and other public self-service solutions. Thereby, a citizen’s construction cases can be accessed when logging in via borger.dk

Send a link to the citizens

It is possible to create and send a link to a construction file on WebLager® to a citizen directly in a few seconds. The citizen can then for a limited period of time download / show the building file via the link and in that way operate himself.

The same file can be connected to several registers

The same file can be linked to several addresses, land registers and properties, so that it only needs to be maintained in one place, but can be seen from all relevant places when a search is made.

Possibility of integration

It is possible to integrate WebLager® with GIS systems. Among other things. via KML, WFS and WMS.

Securing personal information

As a building file archive may contain sensitive personal information, it is necessary to protect this in connection with a publication of the archive. It is therefore possible to filter for these and close cases that could potentially contain information that may not be published, and access can then be controlled by the municipality.

Secured against data loss

With a robust IT infrastructure and continuous backup, the building file archive is secured against data loss without any requirements for the municipalities’ own facilities and maintenance.

Recover deleted files

It is possible to retrieve and recover deleted files easily and quickly.

Mobile versions of WebLager®

WebLager® is easily accessible no matter what browser, tablet or smartphone you use. The mobile versions are set automatically when you log in to either smartphone or tablet. The site has been developed with a user-friendly interface for easy access to construction files on mobile devices. We have also developed a native app for iPhone and iPad.


It is possible to divide current cases into main and sub-documents to get a better overview of individual files. It will therefore be similar to the structure of the current ESDH systems.

Integration with 3rd part ESDH systems

It is possible to integrate files with ESDH systems. When a file is closed in your current ESDH system, the file can be automatically transferred to WebLager.


In connection with the daily operation of the archive, changes may occur in files. Using versioning and history, it is possible to go back to the original version of a building file and follow its history.

WebLager® Help Center

If you have questions regarding WebLager®, or need help solving a problem, you are welcome to write to us via our Help Center. You can even solve the problem yourself through self-service. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can find an easy and fast solution to the most common questions or problems in WebLager® via our Help Center.

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