Our history

Dansk Scanning A/S was founded by Engineer Henning Kirkegaard in 1995 with the aim that it should be easier to access information in archives, no matter where you are. The vision has driven the company forward in recent years and has influenced the method and operation of the company. The focus was therefore from the outset the possibility to access information over the internet, but logically that lead to that the information should be digitized first. The two work areas that Dansk Scanning A / S works with are therefore naturally connected. In 1997, Dansk Scanning A/S is housed in an old farm at Ho Bugt Vej in Billum. Since it has moved fast.

After a quiet growth in the company’s start-up, in particular the government started to open the eyes of the opportunities on the internet. Already in late 1997 the workload began to rise and led to a need of bigger premises. The growth continued into the new year, which began with digitization of building project archives around the country, giving a lot of extra work. At the same time it also increased the focus on the development of online archives for subsequent access after scanning.

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The big order intake

Around the turn of the year 2006/2007 Dansk Scanning A/S won an order by Domstolstyrelsen, which included scanning 30 million pages of jurisdictions by the end of March 2008 – as well as the hosting of all the documents from the country of the company’s main computers – a total of 60 million pages. The record order necessitated by more than doubling the workforce, which in no time grew from about 25 employees to about 70 employees.

The growth resulted for the second time the need for larger premises and in despite of a major expansion of the company’s capacity, it was one of the busiest periods that needed a night shift.

Since then, growth remains especially with the continued digitalisation of the municipal building project archives, and in recent years we have handled a few big orders in the digitization of the EU’s central archives and large scanning projects for Kort & Matrikelstyrelsen (now Geodatastyrelsen).

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