Data storage – hosting

Many customers already use WebLager® to manage their construction case archive and there is no limit to the capacity and operation of the solution. The solution is available and can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Data is hosted at Dansk Scanning in Esbjerg, which saves the customer’s IT department a considerable amount of work.

Dansk Scanning works on the basis of the ISO 27001 standard for information security, which is based on a risk assessment that is continuously expanded:

There are redundant backup solutions of all data to secure against data loss. We keep two versions of the archives running, one at our hosting center in Esbjerg with sufficient bandwidth to service you, and in addition we have a backup center located 18 km away, which contains backup copies of WebLager® and all your data.

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We place great emphasis on ensuring a good and informal working environment for all employees in both production and administration


High uptime and monitoring

We are proud to have a very high uptime on WebLager® andin 2020 we had an uptime above 99%.. Statistics are constantly being made of our uptime – customers can easily access these statistics.

Expected response time is a maximum of 5 seconds from all searches performed until the result is presented to the user. This is ensured by the fact that there are always 3 active servers in our balance manager to handle the many users. The servers are monitored by PRTG and in case of error 3 more servers are available as fall back.

PRTG is a monitoring system that monitors servers for WebLager®. It tries to log in to WebLager®, at least once every minute, if there is an error or too long a response time, it will be reported to the system administrators at Dansk Scanning. PRTG also measures whether the database works optimally, response time and how long it takes to retrieve the page.

Updates and maintenance are always done at times when there is as little traffic as possible.

In the event of operational disruptions in the period 8-16, a text will be applied to the front of WebLager®, where this is stated. In the event of operational disruptions beyond 10 minutes, an e-mail will also be sent to all administrators through our newsletter system. Maintenance of the solution that causes downtime outside normal working hours will be notified min. 1 week in advance through our newsletter system.

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