Certification and security

At Dansk Scanning A/S we have implemented a quality assurance system in form of the ISO 9001 standard.

A standard that we are certified in.

ISO 9001 provides a number of requirements for quality procedures and management systems that we use in connection with our work. The responsibility is rooted in management, which ensures that the organization meets all these different requirements arising out of our unique production and quality goals, that we all want to achieve.

We conduct regular status on all parts of our quality process, and any deviations are reported and regularly taken up by the management team, with a view to finding solutions.

ISO 9001 is a keystone for delivering the best quality to our customers.

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ISO 9001 provides a model for a quality management system. he model focuses on the efficiency of business processes, thereby enabling to achieve desired results.

The standard promotes the implementation of a process approach, which emphasizes the need, added value, process performance and effectiveness, and continuous improvement through objective measurements.

​ISO 27001 – ongoing

ISO 27001 (IT-and Information Security) standard takes an overall holistic approach to information security. Assets requiring protection ranging from digital information, paper documents, and physical assets like computers and networks to the knowledge of the individual employee.


Dansk Scanning works under ISO 27001 guidelines and is currently in the process of preparation and screening of company in order to obtain the certification.

Both certifications is done by Det Norske Veritas.​


All our employees have a security clearance of PET – Police Intelligence – to handle confidential and have agreed a lifelong secrecy.

There are regularly conducted safety approvals of selected employees to PET classification “HEMMELIGT”.

Our production environments is assured by ISO 27001 standard – which include that the premises are locked and video monitored 24 hours a day.

To ensure data is by default closed for unauthorized access to our systems. We only allow traffic to authorized IP addresses – that way you avoid inappropriate access and your data is thus assured.

We transport our archives in our custom-built truck, which is tailored for secure document transport. The loading space is secured, isolated, wind and waterproof to protect as much as possible during transport. The truck are always locked during transport – as far as possible take place without interruption directly to our production facilities in Esbjerg.

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