After scanning an archive, there is a need to be able to access this data electronically and avoid it being cluttered in ordinary folder structures. For this purpose, we have developed ‘PartnerPortal®’, which is a web-based document management system.

PartnerPortal® is used by many public and private actors, and an incredible amount of data of various kinds is stored. The system can be adapted to the individual needs of your particular organization, and therefore provide better and easier access to your documents. Especially in connection with searching across the archive, this can be done in all documents in a few seconds.

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Digitization of archives

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The basic idea behind PartnerPortal®

✔ That each individual can see what is relevant to him or her.

✔ Information is available everywhere.

​✔ That the individual himself decides who is allowed to see what one contributes.

✔ That the individual partner is responsible for their own drawings and documents.

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