Digital archive and archive scanning of your documents

Access your archives in the cloud. At Dansk Scanning in Esbjerg, we specialize in establishing digital archives and archive scanning of all types of documents, papers, drawings and much more. We help private companies throughout Denmark with the transition to becoming digital, so they can work more efficiently.

With a digital archive, you get access to all your documents in the cloud, where they are safe and secure.

Many companies spend many hours handling physical documents for internal and external use. Instead of having a physical archive where one is geographically limited, we can help with digital archive and archive scanning so that your papers are scanned and uploaded to an online archive. Here you can give everyone access so they can work on the go. If they just need a contract or some drawings before a meeting, they can access the papers themselves.

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Careful archive scanning for secure digital archive

When it comes to helping companies with archive scanning for a digital archive, we are extremely careful when it comes to handling documents. We use secure procedures that ensure that we get everything transferred to the electronic archives.

Quality and discretion are some of our key issues that we do not compromise on. We will support, if you want professional assistance to switch to digitization. If you want our help, we’ll take care of everything Your work day can continue without you having to worry. We take your task safely from start to finish, so you have an online archive with control of all your documents. You get more space in the company that is not to be used for storing papers, which you can instead utilize for something else that provides value.

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We are ready to help you and your company with archive scanning for digital archive if you are on the verge of becoming digital. We have helped companies such as Maersk, which is why we are used to handling large cases with the greatest discretion.

Call or write to us to hear more and get a good offer. Contact us by phone +45 70 11 41 16 or write to, and we will find the right solution for your needs.

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