SaaS solutions and digitization of documents

We have more than 25 years of experience in digitization and scanning of all types of archives

SaaS solutions and digitization of documents increase your efficiency

Do you dream of being able to put all paper documents in an electronic archive instead of huge, physical archives? At Dansk Scanning in Esbjerg, we offer professional scanning to private companies throughout Europe. We offer scanning up to 1200 DPI, so you can digitize your valuable paper archives in high quality, so you always know where you have them. Among other things, we have Maersk in our customer portfolio.

Once the documents have been scanned, it is possible to store all documents up in the cloud, so you will have the opportunity to access them no matter where in the world you are, if only you have an internet connection.

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Dansk Scanning A/S – ISO 27001 certified

ISO 27001 is an international management standard for information security. The standard is a management tool that helps companies to protect valuable information – including personal data – in a secure and trustworthy way. ISO 27001 sets out, among other things, requirements for risk management, documentation of processes and distribution of roles and responsibilities for information security.
With this certification, Dansk Scanning A/S has documentation that we meet all the requirements of the standard.

In addition, we are also certified in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 – Dansk Scanning A/S thinks about the environment.

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Is the target to achieve a higher efficiency and less downtime? Then read more here about the different types of archive material we can digitize in high quality – at the best price.

Archive Analysis

We offer archive analysis of your physical documents, to give you insight into what it takes to digitize your business.


Quality - Safety

ScanningDansk Scanning A/S has implemented a quality system in the form of ISO 9001:2015, in which we are certified. We work in order of the guidelines to ISO 27001 relating to IT- and informationssecurity. We work on the basis of ISO 27001 guidelines on information security.


Dansk Scanning A/S offers several different cloud solutions. We offer, among other things, our look-up tool WebLager® which contains building cases and our PartnerPortal® can be used for storing data.

Online archives

With our great expertise and experience behind us, we have developed several online archive solutions. Here you can read about two of them.

We have the right equipment for scanning

We are approved by Noark 5, which means that we can handle confidential documents in Norway as well.

We take care of everything within scanning and handling of your files. We perform scans of all types of materials, from archives to documents, images, drawings and personnel archives.

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