Dansk Scanning A/S regards of the environment and the consumption of resources. The environmental policy of the company has, among other things, resulted in the following specific measures:

✔ With investment in environmentally friendly power through the purchase of two wind turbines we make sure to cover all the company’s energy needs, while also supplied excess power to the local environment.

✔ All heating in the company takes place using geothermal heat.

✔ Our specially built 15 ton truck, designed to safely transport archives, meets the EURO 5 environmental standard.

✔ Any paper leftover from scanning and daily operations is recycled.

✔ As part of a restoration project has Dansk Scanning A/S have provided 32,800 m2 of land available in Varde Ådal.

✔ The material consumption associated with the daily operation has been lowered significantly in connection with the implementation of new software in 2013.

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We place great emphasis on ensuring a good and informal working environment for all employees in both production and administration.

That is why, of course, we also care about the environment and green energy.

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