Digitization creates a better overview

At Dansk Scanning in Esbjerg, we are seeing an increasing demand for digitization throughout Europe. We offer to help all types of private companies lift the task so that they can take the step and become more mobile, flexible and efficient. We create IT solutions and scan all physical documents that are placed in the cloud.

If you have a company where you have a lot of papers, documents and much more that you could benefit from having electronically, we can contribute with our expertise in transformation to digitization. It gives you the opportunity to work smarter together and be more efficent in everyday life.

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Fast and efficient digitization

We are a full service company that can handle the entire project for you. If you do not have the time, resources or desire to make the necessary efforts to create a digitalisation of your workplace, we have all the right tools.

We have extensive experience in the field, which is why we are the right company to help you create value in relation to having everything available on, for example, an iPad, which we set up for you.

We are fast and efficient and can handle it all ourselves. Unlike many of our competitors, we embrace the wide range of digitization and can even make sure to help you from start to finish safely without calling in other contractors.

Let’s have a non-binding talk about how we can help your company – just as we have helped Maersk and many others.

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Why wait to go digital when it can save you time every day. We take care of the transition in relation to digitization, so you do not have to worry about anything. We carry out our work with the utmost care and with respect for your documents.

Contact us for a no-obligation offer by phone phone +45 70 114 116 or write to info@danskscanning.dk. Then we will help you get a better overview.

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Processen ved digitalisering

Below you can read about the process for getting your documents digitized.

Logistics (unpacking and collection)

We offer a total solution, which means that once the agreement has been entered into, all practical considerations have been taken care of.

We have experienced employees who take care of unpacking and journaling the archive. The transport takes place in a specially built truck for document transport with a safety-approved driver. The supplier has full control over all stages of the process, while there is a clear placement of responsibilities and greatly increased security for the correct handling of the often irreplaceable documents.


When an archive is digitized, it means that the files are “out of the house” for a period of time. It is important to have access to the files that are necessary in everyday case processing.

Dansk Scanning therefore offers a requisition service throughout the process. The principle is that the cases that are in production, but which are in demand at the same time, are simply ordered via e-mail at Dansk Scanning. Here, the case is found, scanned and sent in an electronic version to the customer.

For larger projects, the following are prepared:

ORDER LOG – complete overview with all correspondence inserted. Also works as a project report
PROCESS DESCRIPTION – a very detailed description of all processes and agreements regarding. the project.
SCHEDULE – detailed schedule of the expected project progress. Including milestones, evaluations etc.